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What defines Us...

Our purpose is to provide customised IT solutions. We are inspired by 'Africanicity'; the value of togetherness and the unrelenting spirit to fight and be better always cause Africa Can 'Tech IT'. We are inspired to invent and create realities out of your dreams and imaginations.

  • Committment to our clients has enabled us to grow and keep them coming back
  • Our Innovation has always been a result of Teamwork. In our teams we encourage communication and the flow of ideas inorder to achieve our clients needs.
  • We are founded on the drive to Always learn cause technology is ever-changing. Without updated data, experimentation and innovation,anyone can easily fall behind in Technology
Our Services

Why Custom IT Solutions?

Customised IT Solutions start with an IT assesment to determine the nature and scope of the challenge and uncover opportunities that can be utilized to optimize the potential of the business. Our Custom IT solution service converts clients business ideas, goals, needs and requirements into their own unique IT product that can give them a competetive advantage.

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Data Solutions and Decision Making

When a Company Employs data driven approach, it means it makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.A data driven approach enables companies to examine and organize their data with the goal of better serving their customers and consumers. By usig data to drive its actions, an organization can contextualize and/or personalise its messaging to its prospects and customers for a more customer-centric aproach.

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What is Network Security and How it is Achieved?

>Network Security protects your network and dqata from breaches, intrusions and other threats. Network seciurity covers a variety of networks, both public and private that are used in everyday jobs conducting transactions and thus becoming a target by numerous fraudsters. A solid network security helps mitigate the risk of data loss , theft and saboatge.

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We pride ourseleves in a team of young and expereinced developers who pursue excellence in every button click.
Every service we offer is a flagship product.
Start your journey with us.

Networking Solutions

All round network solutions including network accessories, installations, maintenance.

Software Development

We develop all range of customised software solutions including;
Mobile and Web development
Databsae Sytems
CMS and POS systems, USSD platforms

Graphic Design

At HutTech we have a team of skilled designers who will solve your 'visual' problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form.

Data Solutions

This includes all data analysis and management for your business to help you make informed decisions on the market, monitoring ROI, customer expectations and feedback, cost strategies, enhance brand image and general marketing stategies.

IT Consultancy

Our experience as a firm has helped businesses in solving techonological bottlenecks and acquisition of customised cutting edge technologies. Our consultancy services are offered free of charge to the existing clientel of any of our products. Contact us to get our expert team on your service.

USSD Services

This includes bulk SMS, Integrating USSD to existing mobile/software systems

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We offer 24hr Support Services to all of our Clients. Get in Touch with us for a digital experience.

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Tom Mboya Avenue,P.0. Box 90420-80100, Mombasa-Kenya.

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